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Our Approach

I do this because I love it

Nothing makes me happier than knowing I have helped someone feel more hope, happiness and joy. I believe EVERYONE can create a healthy, strong, beautiful body, mind and life.

With my 20 years in the healthcare field, two university degrees in nutrition, my time spent as a professional endurance athlete, working as a clinician and a specialist in eating disorders, being a busy mom,  I can help you put all the health and nutrition information into perspective so you can get the results you want. There is no need to have to learn the hard way what is just a hyped up or misleading health trend.

Our Story

My Story

I am fascinated by how what you eat can change how you feel, look and even how you experience life. This curiosity has lead to years of research, study and a great opportunity to help others. One lesson that has repeated itself again and again is that nature is the best healer and that is why I am passionate about essential oils and how your diet is the key to all aspects of healing and health.

More about Elena

Elena Yorgason is a Registered Dietitian, a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition and a former professional endurance athlete. She received her Bachelor’s Degree at Brigham Young University in Dietetics and her Master’s Degree in Dietetics at the University of Utah, with the emphasis in Sports Nutrition. She worked as a Dietitian at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute for several years. There she counseled patients with mental and physical illnesses on how food can restore all aspects of health.

She established her own private practice consulting athletes on how to fuel for training and competition with a special emphasis on weight management and helping women recover from eating disorders.

Elena is a doTERRA Certified Pure Essential Oil Wellness Advocate and has traveled around the US and internationally educating others on how to use and get the benefits of essential oils and how to heal your body with natural solutions.

Elena loves being a mom to her young family of four beautiful children.  She is wife to Dr. Joshua Yorgason, an Ear, Nose, Throat Specialist and Head and Neck Surgeon, find Joshua at www. mnearsinus.com. Together they like to laugh, sauna, play tennis, travel to Elena’s native country Finland, play violin and sing together.

Watch Elena explain about the 30-day cleanse and TerraHealth School Health Transformation.