Want TO GET HEALTHY and get more out of life? - Confused how to get there? TerraHealth School can Help!

Your health can be the most limiting or driving force to living your life to the fullest. I started TerraHealth School for the busy, smart, passionate, hard working health-nut or wanna-be, that just needs some guidance to navigate the health world. There are just too many health trends to keep track of...it is confusing and hard to piece together what actually would make the biggest difference in your health.  Learn more.

Be your best self for you and your family!

Each Spring you can create a new beginning for your life!  Watch this launch webinar to learn more about the Spring TerraCleanse, which begins next April 15th.

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Fall TerraCleanse - 2018 It Starts October 15th Registration is open!


In this 30 day  online course, I will guide you step-by-step through this 30 day cleanse using doTERRA natural wellness products and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. You will learn to eat a seasonal, nutrient-packed diet and develop all the key lifestyle habits that will get you started TRANSFORM your body, mind and health. Click Here to learn more.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Side-effects include reaching your ideal weight, improved sleep and mood, vibrant energy, beautiful skin, and an overall mind-blowing increase in joy and wellbeing.)

Register for the Fall TerraCleanse NOW! 

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TerraCleanse Workout

Need some core strength to help you make these tough health changes in your life? I have partnered with Health Coach Stephen Randolf, RN to bring you a new 3-step daily workout to give you the physical stamina to get through your day, and help transform your life!  These videos are FREE with your registration in the Spring TerraCleanse course.  Register NOW!

I LOVED doing the TerraHealth cleanse!

It was a journey of self-discovery and self-discipline. There was daily support and encouragement when I needed it. The videos were packed with helpful information about health that was motivating and life-changing. And I appreciated the individual help I received when I had questions. I highly recommend the Terrahealth Cleanse to everyone!

Jen Teacher, Mom

Elena’s cleanse is genious!

"I haven't felt this good for a looong time. Thank you!"

Josh Artist, Dad

Elena is a great coach!

This cleanse was a challenge and a support. I still drink lemon water throughout the day. I'm getting quality sleep again and want to learn new menu ideas for fall and winter.


My clothes fit/feel better. I have much better energy and sleep. I love the fresh feeling after eating!

I felt great during the cleanse, particularly after eating the delicious recipes Elena had provided. There was a distinctive "fresh" feeling inside, and I realized that I had been used to feeling sick and groggy after meals. At the beginning of the cleanse, it took quite a bit of self-control to change my snacking behaviors and impulse eating, but soon I was actually craving the healthy, wonderful food that I knew was so much better for me. I loved keeping track of each day with the journal pages, and having my mom as a partner in the cleanse kept me motivated. I truly appreciate Elena's holistic approach to health, which makes it easy to seriously acknowledge and improve your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being."

Lillian Musician, Mom

TerraHealth School was amazing!

The depth of knowledge Elena has put into the video courses in TerraHeath school is remarkable. You really transform your way of thinking about health and nutrition with what you learn from this lecture series. And the daily food / nutritional journals are an invaluable tool to take you step by step through this journey. The only way to really appreciate this is to try it, starting with the 30 day TerraHealth cleanse.

Dr. Yorgason Physician